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Valencia European Capital of Smart Tourism
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fallasbot whatsapp

#FallasBot is a personal assistant for all those “non-Valencians” who love Valencia and its festivities, and do not understand what happens in the city during those 4 days of madness.

This year, #FallasBot is dedicated to the 150,000 expats who came to Valencia with any excuse, and couldn’t leave anymore. Who fell in love here, who found a job, who created their family, and who want to be part of us, the Valencians.

In 8 languages, without advertising, using your WhatsApp for free: know what is happening and enjoy the guided tours that many fallas offer this year to celebrate that Valencia is the European Capital of Smart Tourism.

What will you be able to do with #FallasBot?

Find out what you can do, when and where (geolocation included) during all fallas.

You will have a virtual assistant in WhatsApp, recommending nearby events.

Stay updated, as Fallas keeps its calendar of events up to date in real time.

You can communicate with #FallasBot in 8 languages!

You can communicate with #FallasBot in 8 languages!

How to access/activate #FallasBot?

Scan this QR code

Send a message to +34 644 67 47 47 67 from your Whatsapp

Access to exclusive guided tours

This year, a team of volunteers from the Chair of Conversational Business of the University of Valencia and the association ACICOM have called all the fallas proposing that they make a FREE guided visit to their falla and share THEIR HISTORY.

How much does a falla or a fallera costume cost? Where do they keep the fallas on the 20th? Do they really burn them? Why is this year’s falla “like this”? What happened to you in 2021? … and so many other stories that really show how we Valencians are: kind and close people.


Without the support of our Partners the completion of the #FallasBot project would not have been possible.

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The story behind #FallasBot

#FallasBot is a virtual assistant created in 2020 by the Hong Kong company SANUKER, as a gift to the city where the company planned to open its European headquarters. To create it, they would use the software of the Valencian company WOZTELL. It bridged the gap between Asia and Valencia with the aim of showcasing the events of the nearly 400 fallas in the city of Valencia during fallera week.

A team of volunteers called the nearly 400 fallas, and unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the confinement and the COVID-19 crisis along with the Fallas.

But the time has come for #FallasBot to achieve its goal and with renewed energy!
This year we are going to let people know that our city is the European Capital of Smart Tourism… using third generation WhatsApp and a virtual assistant!
FallasBot covid

Do you want to have the #FallasBot Whitepaper?

The use of #FallasBot in WhastApp by people will generate data that will be the basis of work for the team of the Chair of Conversational Business of the University of Valencia.

The ultimate goal is to publish a whitepaper of conclusions that can be shared and a starting point for other future projects related to the conversational world.

If you would like to receive yours, please send an email to hola@fallasbot.com requesting it and you will receive it as soon as it is published!


How does FallasBot help me this year?

This year, FallasBot’s team of volunteers has been contacting the almost 400 fallas, so that you can, for free, know what is happening, when and where. This year we have put the focus on helping everyone who is not Valencian to know more about the falla of their street, inviting all the fallas to make a guided visit to their monument, to their casal… to their world.

Why is FallasBot free?

Why is FallasBot free?

Am I going to be contacted to sell me something?

No. There is no commercial objective behind the project.

Why is there no advertising in FallasBot?

The Valencian companies involved in this project, have great experience in projects of virtual assistants in WhatsApp worldwide, where the objective, sometimes, is to develop advertising campaigns and could easily have sold advertising within the assistant. The goal of this year’s FallasBot is, as in 2020, is to bring third generation WhatsApp closer to citizens, not to sell advertising.

Who pays for it and why?
The project resources are provided by the companies woztell.com, sanuker.com, sagitaz.com, agilemarketingstudio.com, hubmedia.es, spotfone.com, and the organizations visitvalencia.com, cbc.uv.es, acicom.org.
Why don't you accept donations?

At the time we thought of approaching Valencian companies such as Mercadona, Consum or Panaria, recognized entities such as Valencia FC, or the international Power Electronics, but we thought that we would have to give too many explanations, and invest a lot of time in meetings to convince them of the social value of the project. As there is no one behind us who pays us a salary for dedicating time to this, we decided that it would be faster, simpler and cheaper to do it alone, create value, and cross our fingers.

How do I become a FallasBot volunteer?

FallasBot is not an organization in itself that can accept volunteers. Those interested can participate by volunteering with the Chair of Conversational Business of the University of Valencia, and by becoming a member of the citizen organization ACICOM.

I am a falla, how can I use FallasBot?

FallasBot is a solution to bring citizens, expats and tourists closer to the fallas. As a falla, you can send us the data of your events so that we can introduce them in the assistant, and send us a date and time of when you will make an open guided tour, for those who want to know more about you.

As a company, can I help the project?

If you hold events, even if you are a company, you can also send them, and we will upload them if they are of general interest.

How do I send you the events of my falla?

By email to hola@fallasbot.com, or to our Instagram and Facebook account #FallasBot.

What are the guided visits to the 400 fallas?

Our proposal is that any fallas can dedicate a little time to tell their story, how they have lived this year, where they keep the fallas when the festivities are over, how much is a fallero’s hairstyle worth, and other questions that all of us non falleros ask ourselves.

Will you use my data in FallasBot for anything?

We have the idea of creating a “white paper” with the conclusions, so that other people can learn from our experience. The phone numbers will be removed from the database, once the conclusions have been obtained which will be shared with whoever asks for them. Nothing more.

What will be FallasBot's goal in 2023?

Who knows? We are living through some very difficult social times. We can only wish the best for everyone. Next year, we hope to be able to continue to allow us to donate a little bit of our time and effort, and hopefully with you as a friend.

A big hug, José Pérez, founder of WOZTELL.COM